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Health data are exploding, expected to grow by 48 percent annually coming to 153 Exabyte in 2013, according to the report from EMC and the IDC research firm. If the trend continues (and there is no evidence that it will stop), this figure will swell to 2,314 Exabyte by 2020. Imagine: “should all patient data be stored on stack of tablet computers, by the 2013 it will be 5,500 miles high. Seven… Read More

East oriental medicine such as Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), Japanese Kampo or Indian Ayurveda often provokes skepticism in the professional medical environment. And for the right reason: despite thousands of years of empirical observations, oriental practices are still lacking scientific evidence based on verified experiments. Moreover, it is hard to comprehend within the frame of the European thesaurus the TCM concepts of Qi as life gathering or the Ayurveda notions of Vita,… Read More

Despite the long history of medical scholarship and research, the answer is still not straightforward. Science is based on measurable facts verified in multiple experiments. Moreover, scientific facts hold universally. For example, gravitation, conservation laws or Newton’s law of inertia work everywhere in the Universe. Therefore scientific results could be regarded as objective. Art, on the contrary, relies on intuition and inspiration and is intimately connected to its creator. Therefore it has a… Read More