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Monthly Archives: March 2014

People who once struggled through stroke are persistently chased by a burning question: shall it ever happen again? How can I avoid it? Obviously there are some worrying signals of potentially revocable brain damages such as increased blood pressure, sudden nausea or dizziness one needs to watch, but the accuracy of stroke predictions based on occasional body symptoms i.e. external to the brain is rather dubious. All the above mentioned signs can… Read More

In my recent blog we spoke about people hospitalized with an acute stroke, but deprived of a timely medical assistance. As a result they were discharged with long-term disabilities. The usual path for those people is the rehabilitation clinic (the German abbreviation: REHA). One of such REHA clinics I have visited is located in Bad Aibling, in the heart of the picturesque Alpine meadows of Bavaria. The offered rehabilitation programs are extensive,… Read More