The quality of healthcare system is measured by multiple indicators: waiting lists, hospital admissions and discharge, bed utilizations, readmission rate, cost cuts and many others. Primarily, this is about lives saved or health conditions improved to bring people back to the normal life.

Unfortunately, the frustrating experiences people are getting sometimes from visiting hospitals and the number of medical errors occurring today all over the world prove that the contemporary healthcare is far from being perfect.

The PatientsTalk is a discussion forum for the people concerned about their health and the quality of healthcare services they receive. If you are a patient, health provider or care giver you are welcome to share your personal opinion, bad or good experience you have received interacting with the healthcare system. Your suggestions how to improve it are most welcome.

Don’t be shy to raise your voice if you are not a health professional. Healthcare has no borders: sooner or later we are all patients. The whole Healthcare exists only because of patients. We want to make the Healthcare system work for them, not for insurers or doctors. It is in our mutual interest to make this system better.

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