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Considering the amount of medications each of us is swallowing during the lifecycle, one would assume that the pharma industry is tremendously flourishing. Indeed, the total volume of the pharmaceutical market was in 2014 worth of 1,057.2 Billion dollars, with the top 15 companies reaching around US$527 billion in revenue. Nevertheless, the modest year-on-year 2.4% growth indicates that the industry needs some revitalizing changes. One of the biggest challenges pharma is facing… Read More

End of the year is the time to contemplate on significant achievements of the past. Cleveland Clinic is releasing the list of top medical innovations 2015 naming telestroke units as number one achievement; ReferralMD are coming with their view on 10 Biggest Innovations in Health Care Technology in 2015 which includes blood nanobotos and almost fantastic Head Transplants and Mind Transfer project, the computerized scanned copies of our brain. But what are the… Read More