Patients Talk...


  I remember sitting in the Intensive Care Unit (ISU) attending a patient after cardio surgery. The usually quiet atmosphere of ISU was interrupted by electrifying fuss: the physician on duty was peeping into the corridor, the assistant was nervously sorting patients’ charts. It was clear that the Doctors’ Round was about to start. Indeed, in about 10 minutes the doors of ISU opened wide and He appeared: the Chief Medical Doctor,… Read More

Preparing for a flood of personal medical Big Data Patient generated information coming from various wearable medical devices or manually imported and collected via mobile applications such as Personal Health Records (PHR) is expected to change our approach to healthcare. Instead of vague responses to generic questions kind of: “how do you feel?” patients will provide doctors with abundance of measurable data like blood pressure, ECG, glucose level, cholesterol, diets, weight, sleep… Read More