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Anywhere, from 15% to 28% of cancer diagnoses are misleading. This was the alarming conclusion of an Exploring Diagnostic Accuracy in Cancer survey conducted at late 2012 by the US National Coalition of Health Care and Best Doctors . The traditional methods of cancer diagnostics such as, e.g., mammography (for breast cancer), CT scans, X-ray, ultrasound imaging, MRI and PET (for various other types of cancer) or endoscopy, followed by biopsy of… Read More

Have you ever doubt your doctor’s decision? If so, you are not the only one. Even doctors nowadays doubt the efficiency of healthcare system advising patients not to trust physicians “any more than you trust your stockbroker (if you are foolish enough to have one) [1]. This is a warning sign. If there is no trust between patients and physicians the positive outcomes of care are highly questionable. The majority of patients… Read More