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Considering the amount of medications each of us is swallowing during the lifecycle, one would assume that the pharma industry is tremendously flourishing. Indeed, the total volume of the pharmaceutical market was in 2014 worth of 1,057.2 Billion dollars, with the top 15 companies reaching around US$527 billion in revenue. Nevertheless, the modest year-on-year 2.4% growth indicates that the industry needs some revitalizing changes. One of the biggest challenges pharma is facing… Read More

As a child you may have enjoyed Jerome K. Jerome’s novel “Three Men in a Boat”. If so, you probably remember J, the narrator, who after reading a patent medicine advertisement, discovered to his amazement, that he was a subject of all the diseases except housemaid’s knee. Since that time nothing has changed much, except more opportunities for self-checking are available via Internet and numerous apps. But the results are still confusing. … Read More

You should always do what your doctor is telling you, it’s a must. That is what we are persistently told. Medication compliance (sometimes referred to as “medication adherence”) normally is defined as “the degree to which a patient correctly follows medical advice” [1]. It is considered to be one of the fundamental requirements for the effective treatment especially for patients with a long term chronic disease. Medical community is more or less… Read More